In the Attraction Based Consciousness construct, enlightenment and clear alignment mean the same thing. Enlightenment is being of a vibrational nature in any moment in time that allows the fullness of who you are to be realized by you.

When you are focused in a way that allows the clear alignment with who you are then clarity, stability, sureness, and certainty are what you experience or feel.  That is what the feeling of enlightenment is.   Read More

Ten-Second Alignment Process

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n conversations we think that we are reporting, but we are creating. So before you speak, take a ten-second pause. This gives you time to center and consider what you are about to say.

  • Breathe in deeply to the count of three and out for the count of five.
  • You might then say a mantra such as one of these:

I am aligned clearly.  I am present.  I am at peace. I am love.  I feel the love that I am.  I see positive characteristics.  I speak of what is wanted.  I am an uplifter.  I am source.

  • Set the tone for the coming conversation: I wish to be aligned; I so enjoy a clear, concise, and uplifting exchange.
  • Don’t hesitate to take a longer or shorter pause if necessary.
  • Do this anytime throughout the day.

The Refreshed Story

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ften most of our conversations and thoughts are about what we don’t like or want. We feel it is necessary to speak with historical accuracy about the events in our lives, about “what is.” These conversations resist the clear alignment between our physical and nonphysical perspectives, evoking unpleasant feelings.

To nurture clear alignment, shift the way you talk about your life. Tell your stories about life with the intention of feeling good. Remember, we think that we are reporting, but we are creating. So besides the pleasant feelings of the story, you are allowing what you desire.
Clearly aligned conversations or thoughts tell the story of what is already done in our virtual reality. These conversations are uplifting. Read More


The time-tested tool of choice for knowing the fullness of who you are.

When you do not think thoughts that are out of clear alignment with your source energy, you offer no resistance. When you have activated a nonresistant thought, the vibration of your being is high, fast, light, and clear, and the vibrations of your source energy—your two perspectives—resonate with each other.  Since ancient times, people have used the practice of meditation to experience the presence of source. A tranquil clarity arises as you quiet the mind and keep present. You align with who you are.

“Sitting still allows us to notice the subtle stirrings of the mind.” —Tao Te Ching Read More

Appreciation ~ Appreciation ~ Appreciation

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ppreciating is the act of loving. Appreciating and loving are similar vibrations. The feel-good feeling of appreciation tells you that your physical perspective is in harmony with your source perspective.

Because the vibration of appreciation is the most powerful connection between the physical you and the nonphysical you, this process will also put you in a position to receive even clearer communication from your inner being. So appreciate whenever possible. Read More

Attraction Based Conciousness Blog

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]eing the love you are is an ever-expanding mindful journey. Watch for posts of insights, inspirational one-liners and new processes to try as you live more fully who you are, gaining mastery of the energies of love.

The intent is to clearly align your physical and nonphysical or Source Energy perspectives.  A summary of the construct of Attraction Based Consciousness gives a bases for why and how the blogs are useful. Read More