Attraction Based Conciousness Blog

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]eing the love you are is an ever-expanding mindful journey. Watch for posts of insights, inspirational one-liners and new processes to try as you live more fully who you are, gaining mastery of the energies of love.

The intent is to clearly align your physical and nonphysical or Source Energy perspectives.  A summary of the construct of Attraction Based Consciousness gives a bases for why and how the blogs are useful.

Attraction Based Consciousness Basic Concepts

You are a point of consciousness within source energy (all-that-is, the field—God) that has projected a facet of your energy into physical form. As a human you have two focus points: your source energy perspective and your physical perspective.

Your thoughts initiate emotions, which are your internal guidance system, indicating if the two perspectives resonate with each other or clearly align. Clear alignment feels good; clogged or misalignment feels unpleasant.

As you emanate thought vibrations, your source energy attracts the positive or higher vibration of the wave, incorporates its essence, and expands. Since you are always thinking, you are always expanding.

Because it is an attraction-based universe, your source energy then attracts the vibrational possibilities of the people, places, things, and experiences you desire.

When you do your job of clearly aligning your two perspectives, when you feel good and love unconditionally, you master the energies of love and allow the construction of thought ways that manifest into physical reality.

All you need do is be the love you are, and all else will be given unto you.

You are an energy being in a vibrational, attraction-based universe. You create your own reality.

It is the time of awakening. A time when more of us will know that we are spirits in these bodies. We will know that, as Nelson Mandela often quotes from the poem “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley,

We are masters of our own destiny and captains of our souls.”

It is the time when we can, in Teilhard de Chardin’s words,

Harness the energies of love.”

As Abraham Hicks says,

Have fun with all of this.”

It is an inside job!