We invite you to participate in the…

 Appreciation Pledge

 Take the Appreciation Pledge. Encourage others to take it too.

 Take the pledge just because it feels good to appreciate and see what happens in your life. 

 Let us know your experiences with taking the pledge Tweet us or post on our Facebook page. 

Take the Appreciation Pledge and do your best to
•    Appreciate rather than complain
•    Praise rather than criticize
•    Speak of the solution rather than restate the problem

Encourage others to sign the pledge

Start-Up an Appreciation Zone
•    In your home
•    At the office
•    In the car

Establish Appreciation Time Zones
•    Family dinner time
•    Appreciation dinner parties
•    The weekly meeting
•    Appreciation Tuesdays (or any day of the week)
•    Appreciation Week


I intend to:

  • Appreciate rather than complain.
  • Praise rather than criticize.
  • Speak of the solution rather than restate the problem.




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Become A person who appreciates; and you will thrive.”        ~ Abraham-Hicks

APPRECIATION not DENIAL Of course there are problems, things to criticize and complain about. Pledging to appreciate is committing to turn your attention to what you can appreciate about a person, place or experience. It is a matter of what you want to bring into focus.  Like the picture below, either of two images can come into focus, depending on what lines you put your attention on as you look at the drawing.


It feels good! And, what you put your attention on does affect what you bring into focus or experience.

You create your own universe as you go along.”               Winston Churchill

“What you put your attention on expands.”                      Oprah Winfrey

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”                   Buddha

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.”          Henry Ford

“Are people affecting the world of reality that they see?”  … You betcha they are!”                  Fred Wolf, Ph.D.


Appreciation Journal:  Keep a daily journal of what you appreciated about the day…..even if it is that the sun came up behind the clouds.

The ABC of Appreciation: On a walk, standing in line, driving the car, in a quiet moment or before falling asleep when you go to bed, go through the alphabet and think of words from A to Z about things you appreciate.

Appreciate the Problem:  With a problem comes the desire for a solution. Appreciate the problem for the clarity it brings about what you want. If confused, you want clarity; in conflict, you want resolution; in dis-empowerment, you want empowerment.
The challenge is to appreciate in:


Appreciation in Conversation:
Whatever the conversation, speak words of appreciation, praise and solutions.  Often it is possible to direct a conversation to appreciation by asking anyone complaining or criticizing “What do you want? What is a possibility? What did you like or appreciate about that situation or person?”

Any time you remembered to speak of appreciation, praise or finding solutions; see, feel, rub or switch the bracelet to affirm your good job.  (Even if you caught yourself in the middle of a complaint or criticism)