Empowerment Movement

Empowerment Now Movement

Your part – should you choose to accept it . . . is to  
•    Intend to be the fullness of all that you are
•    Take the Appreciation Pledge since appreciating is one of the most powerful ways to be self-empowered.
•     Share stories of how great it feels to know and exercise your power to create a life you love.
For fun:
•     To assist you in remembering to appreciate and to identify yourself as a participant in the Empowerment Now Movement, wear a beaded bracelet of your own or an “official” Appreciation Bracelet at the Marketplace here on our website.  

Then, if inspired . . .

Encourage others to participate in the Empowerment Now Movement by:
• Asking them to take the Appreciation Pledge (here on our website) and see what happens in their lives.
• For information about the power of appreciation, suggest they go to the website and download the free Ebook, Appreciation – Your Key to Happiness.
• If they are interested in more in-depth knowledge about empowerment and the Law of Attraction, they might purchase the book, Attraction Based Consciousness – A Guide to Mastering the Energies of Love also available on our marketplace.  
• If they are interested in learning even more, we invite you to offer them a gift certificate which allows them a complementary consultation from Barb & I. This consultation can be an individual session, in person or on the phone, to explore the value of the ABC concepts and to help them experience a transformative process.

Contact Process for the Gift Certificate:
•     When you have an interested person/s let us know and we will email you an electronic gift certificate that you can print or simply email to your contacts.
•    We suggest sending a personalized email to each contact rather than sending a mass email to your list.  We’ll send a template you can use in creating your email messages.
•    Please CC us ( from your  email address to info@attractionbasedconsciousness.com) on each message you send.  We will then email the contact with a very short message saying, “Hi, We see you received one of our gift certificates.  If you have any questions feel free to let us know and if you’d like to schedule an appointment, here is our calendar.”
•   We will NOT automatically add your contacts to our list or contact them again unless they express interest.  We will take no further action unless they email or call us back to schedule.