In the Attraction Based Consciousness construct, enlightenment and clear alignment mean the same thing. Enlightenment is being of a vibrational nature in any moment in time that allows the fullness of who you are to be realized by you.

When you are focused in a way that allows the clear alignment with who you are then clarity, stability, sureness, and certainty are what you experience or feel.  That is what the feeling of enlightenment is.  

Before and since you have come into this physical body you are consciousness.  True enlightenment is you in your body tuned to such a frequency that the whole of who you is allowed in this moment in time.  Allowed to be recognized by you.

Our sifting and sorting through the contrasting diversity of life allows nonphysical to incorporate the specific of what we have asked for, but it can’t manifest into the way we want it until you achieve the vibrational frequency upgrade.  Until you allow yourself to be of the same frequency.

Enlightenment is not holding a cork under water.  That is not enlightenment in this example, that’s negative emotion, that’s worrying about stuff; that is focusing on unwanted things, noticing the lack of what is wanted, feeling negative about self, that is feeling negative about others, feeling overwhelmed.

Holding the cork under water is the opposite of enlightenment. Let go of the cork, the cork will naturally rise.  As it naturally rises, that is enlightenment up there on the surface of the water in this analogy.  The point of this analogy is that unless you are holding it down, it will rise.  So enlightenment is the most natural experience.  Let go of what holds us down and enlightenment must be.   We do not have to work for enlightenment, but we must focus around the things that bother us in order to allow the enlightenment.