November Daily Vibes | Magnificent You Day 7

Day 7 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I am the only one that can deem myself worthy or unworthy.

Worthiness, in very simple terms, means I have found a way to let the Energy that is natural, reach me.  Worthiness, or unworthiness, is something that is pronounced upon you by you.  ~  Abraham

He who goes to the bottom of his own heart knows his own nature; And knowing his own nature, he knows heaven.  ~  Mencius, Chinese philosopher

The Choice Is Always Ours

How do you view yourself? Do you feel worthy as a being? How worthy?

Part of me suspects I’m a loser, and part of me thinks I’m God Almighty. ~ John Lennon

The key is that it is YOUR CHOICE to identify with either of these extremes and anything in between. Who you tell yourself you are depends on the beliefs you have adopted from your life experiences. Those beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking, attracting similar thoughts forming neuropathways that keep running. You, the awareness can take control of “the voice” within and know your immense worth.

The intent of this month’s focus is to become aware of your current self-concept and encourage the knowing that . . .

We are spirits having a human experience, or …
Infinite consciousness with a localized point of view.
In her book, Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani recounts her experience of being in a coma after four years of working to heal her diagnosed cancer she has a near death experience (NDE). Then was cancer free in a few days. I so appreciated her telling not only of the experience, but how it affects the way she lives her life now and her message to us all. She encourages us to . . .
Always remember not to give away your power – instead
get in touch with your own magnificence.
Maryanne Williamson has written that we are more fearful of our power than our weakness. Rather, I think it is that we are clueless or at least have lost sight of our power. Much of our enculturation teaches us to look outside of ourselves for power. Plus, it is not clear to us that we actually create our own reality, that thoughts become things, because we most often counter our thoughts of our desires with the reasons, they are not possible. So it is such a slow go or windy path to fulfilling our wishes that we do not make the connection that our life experiences are our own doing.
• I’d like to start my own company, but I don’t know how to be an entrepreneur.
• I’d like to find my soul mate, but all the good men are taken.
• I’d like to be a scientist, but I am not smart enough.
• I’d like to take that trip, but I don’t have the money.
In his book, Wishes Fulfilled, Dr. Wayne Dyer writes of the impact of the statement, I AM. Pastor Joel Goldstein of the Huston mega church and best-selling author, also speaks of the importance of what is added to the “I am” phrase. What message of intent do you send when you say, I am not good enough to do that? For whatever reasons, the magnitude of our value and worth taught by the wisdom masters gotten lost and misconstrued in our culture. We often feel separate from our Source and others. But what if you knew, really experienced that:
• I am a being of light having a human experience.
• I am the leading edge of All-That-Is.
• I am free to choose my thoughts.
• I am free to clearly align with who I have become.
• I can deliberately create my own reality.
• I am in charge of expanding the universe.
• I am eternal.
• I am a powerful influence for uplifting humanity.
• I am a physical extension of Creative, Nonphysical Energy.


• Meditate for fifteen minutes each day. As always, we suggest this time-honored practice to observe what “the voice” has to say and experience the silent witness you are. You might try to: Close your eyes and take three deep, slow breaths. Then place your attention behind your own body, so that you can see your body from every angle – from above, from below, from behind, from in front. Notice the shift in perspective that occurs. See if you can station yourself as that observing witness of your body, seen from all sides. Still holding the perspective, ask yourself, “Who or what is witnessing my body? Who or what is witnessing my thoughts?”

• Throughout the day become aware of your “I am” statements and thoughts. Appreciate that you noticed that you had the thoughts or made the statements whether or not they were supportive or undermining in nature.

Whenever you are experiencing discomfort or sadness, rather than trying to change the thought behind your emotional state, instead just put it back onto the never-ending conveyor belt of thoughts, and then select a different thought. Keep doing this until you’ve selected a thought that allows you to feel good, and you’re no longer condemning yourself for creating unhappy thoughts.

• Journal: Did you notice that you repeated the same statement or thought? Was there a pattern? What was the feeling tone initiated by the statement or thought? Where you able to put the thought on the never-ending conveyor belt?