October Daily Vibes | Unconditional Living Day 29

Day 29 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

Clear alignment with my Source feels good.

There is no better-feeling physical sensation than what is experienced when you allow your Vibrational alignment with your Source and with your own expansion.  ~  Abraham

All minds are joined.  Whatever thoughts we hold toward others we are holding about ourselves as well.  ~  Marianne Williamson

Practicing the Presences
Unconditional living is enriched and more real when we realize the ever presences of Source Energy.

No one is ever alone. We cannot disengage from Source Energy. It is always extended to you. You can clog the connection and have a miserable time. In fact, the very negative emotion that you feel in any moment of time is the very evidence that you cannot disengage from it. If you could ever cut lose from your Source, who you really are, whatever you were doing each moment would never bother you. The emotion is the evidence of that connection to your broader self because that unpleasant emotion is initiated by your thoughts letting you know if the vibrations of the thoughts resonate with Source Energy.

We Are the Center of Attention
Nonphysical never stops being interested in what we in our physical perspective are about. As we move about as individuals, Source is aware of each of us. When we come together in a collective forum Source is aware of what we are about – where we are, where we are going and what is the best feeling path to follow.

What you are emotionally or mentally focused upon and what you want is what nonphysical puts attention on. It is not about where Source is, but what nonphysical is focused on. We are Source and Source is us. What we humans are interested in is what Source is interested in. Our leading edge is Source’s leading edge. Source rides our rocket of desire. That is the vibration that Source holds.

Esther Hicks and the Spirit of Jerry
Esther has a perception of Jerry as he was when physical. She realized that a large part of who he was in physical form was connected to nonphysical.

In fact, both of them were extensions of the same non-physical stream of consciousness.

So, they found tremendous compatibility with one another. Esther was trained to recognize who Jerry was in his physical body. She has had to reorient herself to recognize him in his nonphysical state.

It is different.

His physical being, no matter how pleasant he was, contained resistance that his nonphysical does not. When Esther is clearly aligned, in concert with who she really is, that is when she can recognize who Jerry is. It is when she is focused on her Inner Being that her Inner Being and Jerry’s Inner Being can play together. Esther is the translator of that experience. He is not sitting at the end of her bed. He is different. The experience of Jerry now is much like the experience of Abraham to Esther except that Jerry’s interest in what Esther is doing is more specific than what Abraham’s interest is about Esther. His interest is very satisfying and helpful. She now knows things she only knows because of his presences. Like where the pipes lead that drain the pool. She didn’t know that until she was focused on a task in conjunction with someone who knew.

Help Is A Request Away
We have so much help that we do not access because in many ways we are determined to go it on our own. You have infinite intelligence on every subject in the world. You have available information that can flow to you. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you have the ability to conjure some question or problem, the answer is readily available to you. The more you hang around in the frequency of clear alignment, the more you will get answers. Somebody knows the answer to your question. You just need to tune into whomever that is. But we go it alone to prove our worthiness. Little do we know that the true expression of worthiness is when we achieve alignment with our broader, Source perspective.

Psychic, Sonia Choquette, teaches to ask your guides for assistance in all matters. She talks of joy guides, guides to find lost things, guides for every topic you can think of.

As you move through the day and encounter questions, or problems call on your guides for help. If you know of an expert on the topic call on the spirit of that person to help. If you are having a computer problem, you might call on Steve Jobs to help you.