November Daily Vibes | Optimism Power Day 20

Day 20 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I follow my internal guidance system.

Other’s Opinions Are Less Important Than My Personal Guidance System… You did not intend to use the opinions of your parents to measure against your beliefs, desires, or actions in order to determine the appropriateness of them. Instead, you knew (and still remembered, long after you were born) that it was the relationship between the opinion (or knowledge) of the Source within you and your current thoughts, in any moment, that would offer you perfect guidance in the form of emotions.  ~  Abraham

You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.  That’s what makes you a winner.  ~  Venus Williams

Why Optimists Thrive

All Is Energy

Optimists thrive because of the structure of the universe and how it works. Quantum physicists tell us that everything is energy. All that-is is vibrating energy fluctuating between being waves and particles in lots of space. All the galaxies, stars and planets, the mountains and rivers, the walls of the buildings, the tables and chairs and you are vibrating energy. We are energy beings in a vibrating, attraction-based universe.

I am trained as a Reiki Master Teacher and Matrix Energetic and Reconnection practitioner. With practice I have learned to see the light energy coming from my fingers and around bodies. I can feel that energy as heat or thickness.

Feel The Vibes

Try this . . . rub your palms together. Feel the heat generated. Turn your hands palm up and imagine a slinky stretch from one palm to the other. Imagine the bulk of the slinky going from one hand to the other.

Imagine a ping-pong ball in one palm and toss it a little up in the air to the other palm. It is subtle, but you might feel heat or a little pressure going from one hand to the other. Rub your palms together again, feel the heat and slowly separate the palms a little at a time. Notice if you feel heat or a light pressure between your hands even though you see nothing there.

Those groups in the park doing Tia Chi, moving in an orchestrated pattern, are practicing soothing and aligning the energy around them.

All Is Electromagnetic

If you have watched any medical shows on TV, you probably have seen the doctor call clear and use electrical paddles to shock the patient’s heart into beating again (hopefully). All that-is, the field, as scientists call it, and we humans are electromagnetic. Because all is electric, every particle has polarity, a plus and a minus energy. Because it is electric, a magnetic field is created making the universe attraction based where like vibrations attract like vibrations.

Transmitting and Receiving

You are an energy being receiving and broadcasting vibrations. You interpret the world vibrationally. Our eyes, ears, nose, fingers and tongue are receiving vibrations that let us know what the word looks, sounds, smells, feels and tastes like.

The Choice Is Ours

That ongoing stream of thoughts we are thinking and transmitting chooses the vibration we are emanating. Because it is an attraction-based universe, the vibration we broadcast is what we receive back. What we focus on, put our attention on, keep thinking and talking about, is what expands in our lives.


As an energy being we have . . .

a Voice . . . that chatter box roommate in our mind that keeps up a random flow of thoughts that we broadcast out into the universe.

An Inner Being . . . the silent witness within us, the observer, the thing that is doing the thinking, our consciousness. It vibrates high, fast, light and clear, the vibrations we interpret as happiness, love, serenity – the pleasant feeling emotions.

Emotions . . . the feelings that are initiated by our thoughts. They are a guidance system telling us if the vibrations of our thoughts are in sync with the vibrations of our Inner Being. Are the thoughts that we are thinking vibrating the high, fast, light and clear vibrations of our Inner Being and Source Energy? Does the Voice and Inner Being resonate with each other?

Pleasant feelings indicate clear alignment. Unpleasant feelings tell us that our thoughts are not vibrating in sync with our Inner Being.

And Source Energy . . . the energy field surrounding us that vibrates high, fast, light and clear, the vibrations of the essence of the field. Physicist, Rupert Sheldrake calls it our morphic field. As I have written, I can see and feel this field. Scientists can measure it.

We have VIBES . . .

a Voice, Inner Being, Emotions and Source.

Expansion Happens

Each thought is a transmission out into the field. Each thought like every energy packet in the field has polarity – negative and positive energy – high, fast, light, and clear energy and low, slow, dense and clouded energy, what we want and the lack of it. Because the field is electromagnetic –attraction based – the high, fast, light and clear energy of our morphic field or Source Energy attracts the positive or higher, faster, lighter, clear energy of each thought. Thus, our Source Energy is constantly expanding with each thought. The lower, slower, denser, clouded energy of the thought drifts off connecting with a stream of similar energy.

Also, (because the field is attraction based) not only is our Source Energy expanding with each thought, it then is attracting similar vibrations. We are continually growing a vibrational version of what we desire, the feeling of what is wanted.

We each have a Virtual Vibrational Reality of desired possibilities.

Again, because the field is attraction based, our dominate vibration attracts similar vibrations. A reminder, our thoughts determine our vibration. Thus – we attract into our lives what we are thinking.

Our emotions tell us if what we are broadcasting is in clear alignment with our Inner Being and Source Energy – with that Virtual Vibrational Reality of our desires. If we resonate with that Virtual Reality, we attract what we have desired from it. If we are not in sync with our Virtual Vibrational Reality, we attract experiences and people from a stream of energy of what we do not want.


In this attraction-based field manifesting into physical form begins in the nonphysical. A thought gathers momentum by attracting similar thoughts. Ideas about the focus occur. Solutions develop. Possible players show up. Materials are available. It is not that what is needed is beamed down. Continued attention builds momentum of the wanted vibration. The vibrational tone of what is wanted is in our Virtual Reality. Those vibes draw near the parts of what is wanted. The potential mate, business connections, or financial investors, and venues are in physical form. The vibes of your Virtual Reality draw them near. You connect with them if you are in clear alignment. Otherwise, you zig when they zag, and no connection is made.

Believe It to See It

The tricky part of attracting what you desire is that you need to be a vibrational match to that desire. You need to be in the feeling tone of what that creation is like.

The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created it. ~ Albert Einstein

Since it can’t yet be seen, touched, tasted or smelled our thinking, thus vibration, is usually about the lack of it. It is a learned discipline to get into the feeling of the desired outcome before it manifests into physicality.

Actually, you do not need to be in the vibrational tone of a specific desire. The need is to be in clear alignment with the high, fast, light, and clear feel-good vibes of your Virtual Reality. You just need to feel good. Then you, your Virtual Reality, will attract what is wanted. Believe the universe will deliver it to you because that is how the universe works.

You will see it because you believed it first.

The Optimist’s Part

Optimists thrive because they are masters at a perception that evokes feel good emotions. That puts them in clear alignment with their Virtual Reality and the attraction of all they desire.


Life Test

Optimism results in more success in almost every aspect of life – work, health, friendship, sociability, creativity and energy like satisfying and longer marriages, more friends, stronger social support and richer social interactions, more thoughtful, creative, and openness to new ideas. If you would describe your life to have many of these characteristics, you are mostly optimistic. Journal about what areas of your life you would describe as “successful?” What is your optimistic perspective that helped create these “successes”?