November Daily Vibes | Magnificent You Day 23

Day 23 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I am beginning to know that I am magnificent.

I would want you to know that every part of you is magnificent – your ego, intellect, body, and spirit.  ~  Anita Moorjani

Thursday Morning . . .

At breakfast at a Challenge to Change weeklong seminar given by the Creative Initiative Foundation, I had what is called a transpersonal experience. The days of writing, meditating and sharing at the retreat center in the Los Altos, California hills set the environment for me and the other participants to pop into an altered state. All of a sudden, I experienced being the love we are and a knowing that all is perfect. Back home raising our two sons, the state gradually faded over the next two weeks, but the clarity of who I am remained.

How to live that love became my quest. Many seminars, workshops, books and trainings, particularly the teachings on the Law of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks, have given me a construct of how the universe works and the tools to be that love no matter the outer circumstances. I love knowing how to regain and more constantly maintain unconditional love. It makes for a joy-filled life to share the knowledge.

The Thread

From ancient wisdom traditions to contemporary spiritual teachers and now quantum physics, in many different words the knowledge that we are spiritual beings having a human experience emerges. Books on near death experiences certainly concur. The many case studies reported in Dr. Raymond A, Moody’s book, Life after Life made it clear to me that that there is more after this physical life. In Proof of Heaven neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander, had his near-death experience all hooked up to monitors that documented that he was “dead”. Yet his experience was that he still had consciousness.


In a coma after four years of cancer Anita Moorjani awakens after her near-death experience to a new view of who she is and is cancer free in a few days. She not only relates what it was like in nonphysical, but more importantly, how it felt, how she now is in life and how you can be too. Through Wayne Dyer and Hay House Publishing Company’s encouragement she writes the book, Dying To Be Me. In her words,

I share my story here in the hope of touching your heart in some way and reminding you of your own magnificence.

Many who have read it gained an inner peace and make the vow to “change their thinking and change their lives.” We certainly suggest you read it.

I believe that the greatest truths of the universe don’t lie outside, in the study of the stars and the planets. They lie deep within us, in the magnificence of our heart, mind and soul. Until we understand what is within, we can’t understand what is without. ~ Anita Moorjani

Each of us, at our core, already is pure and unconditional love. ~ Anita Moorjani

God or Loser

In week one of the Magnificent You Daily Vibes the focus was on the awareness of your self-concept, the beliefs that cycle in your thoughts. The question is, were they beliefs of unworthiness or worthiness? Do you suspect you are a loser, God Almighty, or both as John Lennon did?

The intent of this week is to build a foundation of worthiness, a knowing that you are in fact magnificent. As you identify with who you truly are – – Infinite consciousness with a localized point of view, expanding All-That-Is with every thought, creating your own reality, and uplifting others – you cannot doubt your value and worthiness.

I Am

Again, we mention the impact of the statement, I AM, as did Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book, Wishes Fulfilled. He writes, Jesus knew that the creative Source of the universe as the words, I am that I am.

According to The “I AM” Discourses of Saint Germain: It (the “I AM” statement) immediately turns all the energy of your Being to the center in the brain which is the source of your Being. You cannot overestimate the Power in this Statement. There is no limit to what you can do with it. It was the Statement that Jesus used most in his most difficult trials.


  • Meditate: Suggested mantra, So Hum (I AM); add a word of your choice if that feels good. Examples: I am love, I am peace, I am confident.
  • Journal: In the Attraction Based Consciousness construct, each thought wave that emanates from us has polarity, a high and low vibrational end. The lower vibrational end drifts off. The higher vibrational end of the thought is attracted by your Source Energy or Soul and forms a virtual vibrational net that attracts similar vibrations.
  • – Draw a net in your journal with sections large enough to write in a word.
  • – One by one in each open rectangle of the net write a word that feels good to think about such as confidence, freedom, love, peace, happiness, fun, eagerness, ease, flow, or delightful.
  • – Think about the word, what it means, times you have felt that.
  • – Savor – revel in the good feelings it initiates.