May Daily Vibes | In Sync with YOU Day 9

Day 9 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I am the receiver of all I have asked for.

If every remnant of success was gone from you — still you stand as the culmination of all that you’ve learned. And we don’t mean learned in the sense that now you know how to do it again. We mean you have been the creation that has been in the process of being created, and here you stand as this clearer, more focused wanter and allower than you’ve ever been before. Which means, you can take your next breath of desire and step into your next place of allowing, and all that you ever had, and ten times more, can be in your experience immediately — when you accept that you are the asker and the receiver.  ~  Abraham

The more you praise and celebrate your life the more there is in life to celebrate.  ~  Oprah Winfrey

In Sync with Meditation

Meditation is a different process from an uplifting stream of consciousness. In meditation you quiet your mind, which allows your vibration to rise. In an uplifting stream of consciousness, you already recognize that you are in high vibrations. Then you speak more and more about it, which causes energy to move even faster and fuller, and it can become more specific.

Quieting The Mind

During meditation if you begin to feel that exhilaration, and you begin to have some uplifting specific thoughts, then ride with them. But do not sit to meditation with the purpose of getting that going. Use meditation to quiet your mind to overcome resistance rather than using meditation for the purpose of getting words to overcome resistance.

An uplifting stream of consciousness activates your mind. Don’t activate your mind unless you know for sure that you are flying high. If you try to use a stream of consciousness to quiet resistance you actually perpetuate the low vibration you are in. You may say that I am really in love with the person I live with, but the feeling vibration is, no I am not. Or this is a beautiful person, but you really feel they are ugly. How you feel means you already have momentum going in that direction. If you try to do an uplifting stream of words then, all you do is dig in. The beliefs that you hold are going to contradict what you want. That is why you need to start on a new track. That is what meditation will do.

An Example

You are worked up about something. Maybe someone has hurt your feelings. You have been betrayed in some way. Maybe something has gone wrong with your physical experience in some way. You are in a negative place. So you say that I need to think about this. Well the more you think about it the more negative vibes you stack up. Or the more defensive you become and the more the negative energy gains in momentum. The more justified, the more defense, the more negative energy gains.

So you sit to meditate to quiet your mind. At first you may have a hard time quieting your mind because you have this big problem and it is just raging within you, but you manage to focus on your breathing a little bit. So in between your long breaths in and out, in between breathing in, in, in and out, out, out, out, out repeatedly you are still having thoughts of the “issue”. But the more you focus on your breaths in and out then bit by bit the negative energy decreases. It may take you thirteen of the fifteen-minute meditation to quiet your mind. But usually at the end of fifteen minutes, if you have really focused on your breathing, all those contradictory thoughts will have subsided and now you are on a neutral track. You are being pulled in position to what you want.

As you stay in that place for even just five minutes you are in the receptive mode and you may translate a vibration to a positive thought that feels good. For example: I like being in a less resistant place. It feels good to feel good. I might do this more often. I like remembering who I am. I like being a deliberate creator of my own reality. I like thoughts flowing that feel good. I really like clearing my mind. I want to be the creator of my own life experience. I like quieting my mind.


Meditate for fifteen or twenty minutes each day this week. If you can achieve a neutral place begin a stream of up-lifting consciousness. Go general at first and flow into more specific words if it still feels good.