June Daily Vibes | Power of Influence Day 5

Day 5 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I let my light shine.

Realizing that the Light, the magnificent Universal energy is within us and is us, changes us as individuals because we’re open and ready.  In this way, a slower, deeper shift can take place in the world.  ~  Anita Moorjani

Because of the spotlight you shine on another, those strengths will become apparent to others as well.      ~  Abraham

Intention Power

McTaggart is a worldwide bestselling author of seven books, including “The Intention Experiment,” which is the work that led to her newest insights in “The Power of Eight” book. As a seasoned investigative journalist and natural skeptic, Lynne Mctaggart had no logical explanation for what she was witnessing and scientifically documenting. The power of human thought frightened and excited her at the same time.

In fact, it was so confounding that McTaggart didn’t want to talk about it publicly for years. “As a journalist,” she explains, “I buried the lead. I needed to understand why. I wanted to keep investigating. I still don’t completely understand or pretend to. I’m learning with everyone who participates.”

Alignment Is Key

McTaggart has witnessed firsthand the impact of group intention and meditation. She has recorded measurable, scientifically observable outcomes. The people from across the world in her thought experiments have proven that by wanting good for another, personal and global healing can be accelerated. The nuance of creating and setting intentions is that you must be in that clear alignment to manifest the intention desired. Most often when the intention is for yourself, your vibration is of not having what you want. When the intention is for someone or something else besides yourself it is easier to maintain clear alignment, to expect what is intended. So it makes sense that intending for others brought the intenders into clear alignment and they attracted what they desired for themselves even though it was not articulated at the time.

Again this makes sense according to the teachings of Abraham. With every thought day in and day out we are transmitting vibrations – asking.

Because it is an attraction based universe where like vibrations attract like vibrations, the low, slow, dense and clogged vibrations drift off to connect with streams of similar vibes. Our mophic field, Soul, Source Energy attracts the high, fast, light and clear vibes, incorporates them and attracts more of the same. So each of us has a Virtual Reality of the vibrations of what we want. When you come into clear alignment your attention gives energy to what is wanted – what has been gathered in that Virtual Reality – and it manifests in to physical form.

The results of McTaggart’s intention experiments large and small are a testimony to the power of clear alignment.

We encourage you to begin your own Intention Circle. In the process sections this month we give suggestions on starting a group and how to best activate the intention.

(Adapted from the review of Lynne Mctaggart’s book, “The Power of Eight” in the April issue of the Guide for Spiritual Living magazine.)


Gathering the Power Circle
Adapted from: “The Power of Eight” – Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal others, Your Life, and the World
By Lynn McTaggartI, It is not necessary to be physically present with the members of the group. A virtual connection, has worked in the experience of McTaggart’s intention experiments. It’s also not strictly necessary to have exactly eight people, but eight is the optimum number. The suggestion is that a group is no fewer than six and no more than twelve so that you have enough of a critical mass to feel like a group, but not so many that you get lost in it. For a virtual group Lynn McTaggart suggests a first meeting to get connected. Since we have been meeting for years, we will just get started with the process.
1. Ask if any of the members of the group with a healing challenge of some sort (emotional or physical) would like to be the focus of the healing intention. Allow the person nominated as the recipient to describe their problem in detail so that a clear intention may be developed.• Enter your intention space.
• Power up through meditation.
• Move into peak focus through mindful awareness of the present.
• Get onto the same wavelength by focusing on compassion and making a meaningful connection.
• State your intention and make it specific as possible.
• Mentally rehearse every moment of it with all your senses.
• Visualize, in vivid detail, your intention as established fact.
• Time it right – intend when you are in clear alignment, when you feel good.
• Move aside – Surrender to the power of the universe and let go of the outcome.
Choose Your Intention Space
A number of scientific studies suggest that your intention works faster and better if you use the same intention space each time.