February Daily Vibes | Loving Relationships Day 5

Day 5 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

My priority is to give my attention to what feels good to think about.

When you, in your physical body, give your attention to unwanted things, you cause a disparity in the Vibrational relationship between you and YOU. ~  Abraham

Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’  Look what happens with a love like that!  It lights the whole sky. ~  Hafez

Love Actually

“What does love have to do with it?” Well, if “it” means “everything” then love has to do with “it”. In fact as the Beatles sang many times, “Love is all you need.”

So why are these refrains actually true? Because being love means that you are fully who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience. If you make your relationship between you (your physical focus) and YOU, your Source Energy (your nonphysical focus), your top priority, and you deliberately choose thoughts that allow their clear alignment, you will consistently manifest what you desire. Plus you’ll then offer the greatest advantage to others with whom you interact.

Tag, you’re it.

The love and happiness that you are seeking is found when your two points of focus resonate. You are the love that you are looking for. You are a lover. You want to love. A clearly aligned relationship between you and YOU is not only fulfilling, it allows you to manifest what you want to be, do and have. And, you are a benefit to others close to you and throughout the world.

Of course it is wonderful to have those in your life that are easy to love. They give you an excuse to be the love you are. But, when you learn to love no matter the behavior of others, you are mastering the energies of love. You begin to experience yourself as love – that in fact, you are the love you are looking for.


There are a number of parts to your physical perspectives. We all experience the Voice in our heads and our Emotions.

If you meditate or at least become still, you also become aware of a silent witness or observer within. We’ll call that – your Inner Being. Since we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we also have our nonphysical perspective that we will call our Soul, Spirit or Source. So we have VIBES – a Voice, Inner Being, Emotions and Soul.


To be in clear alignment means our VIBES are in harmony or resonance. The vibrations of the Voice are in sync with the high, fast, light and clear vibrations of our Inner Being and Soul. Our Emotions are our Alignment Guidance System, a GPS, letting us know the degree of alignment. Unpleasant feelings mean misalignment – clogged or resisted alignment. Pleasant feelings indicate clear alignment.

Love = Clear Alignment

As a very pleasant feeling, love certainly is a signal of clear alignment between you and YOU, the relationship you are looking for.

Week One Processes:

  • Meditate: Through time this has been the most effective practice to experience your essence, your Inner Being. In the quieting of your mind, you can actually experience the silent witness within. We suggest fifteen minutes a day.

To experience your silent witness or Inner Being try this awareness meditation from Sally Kempton’s book, Meditation for the Love of It. Close your eyes and take three deep, slow breaths. Then place your attention behind your own body, so that you can see your body from every angle – from above, from below, from behind, from the front. Notice the shift in perspective that occurs. See if you can station yourself as that observing witness of your body seen from all sides.

Now, still holding that perspective, ask yourself, “Who or what is witnessing my body? Who or what is witnessing my thoughts?” Don’t try to answer the question in words. Instead let your attention turn toward the felt experience that arises in response to the question.

  • Savor Clearly Aligned Moments: More often than we realize, we have times throughout the day that we pop into clear alignment between our physical and nonphysical perspectives. We see a dramatic cloud formation, a puppy, a garden in full bloom. Or maybe the traffic clears, or a partner speaks of appreciation for you. And then we go straight into resonance with our Source Energy.

Think or write about:
• How does it feel?
• What is it that makes this moment feel so good?
• Revel about the details that make it feel good.
For example, you might say to yourself the following:
• Question: I feel so warm and cozy in this room. Why is that? What makes it feel that way?
• Answer: The colors are soft and have a warm feel to them. They just make the room feel cozy and easy to be in yet spacious. They are luscious yet relaxing. And the southern facing windows let in this wonderful light that gives a glow to the room at this time of day. Even when I’m inside I can sit and feel the warmth of the sun’s rays wash over me filling me with a sense of ease and wellness.