July Daily Vibes | Conscious Living Day 29

Day 29 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I focus on solutions.

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.  ~  Rumi

When you see someone living something awful, a rocket of desire for his or her resolution shoots out of you. And then, if you start focusing upon their resolution, you’ll start feeling better right away. And now, you’re part of the current that is part of the solution.  ~  Abraham

More Science Behind the Knowledge That We Create Our Own Reality.

Bruce Lipton

In an interview, pioneering cell biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., discussed how we can change our health and, on a bigger scale, our lives by harnessing the power of our subconscious minds. Explaining that we are not simply victims of our genetics, Bruce relates both his professional experiences and the additional science that supports the concept of epigenetics, which states that our genetic code is simply a blueprint that can be read in many different ways—producing either dis-ease or health. How the blueprint is read is based on our internal environment, which, in turn, is based on the beliefs we hold in both our conscious and subconscious minds. However, since we live 95 percent of our lives led by the beliefs of the subconscious mind, the key to changing our lives is reprogramming the subconscious. Bruce shows you that you are in control of your life.

Science Concurs – We Create Our Own Reality

Neuroscience has revolutionized the way we see the brain over the past few years. Scientists now understand that the brain is rewiring itself constantly, adding new circuits at the same time it’s deleting unused pathways.

Yet what the evolving brain can do to shape reality has not been well understood by science — until now. New research shows that it’s not just a biological supercomputer that orchestrates our bodies.

It’s also a receiver and transmitter of information.

Like a TV set, the brain is exchanging signals with information fields far beyond our bodies, coordinating our lives with the rhythms of the natural world. The brain is then using that information to literally create much of what we see around us. Rather than an observer of reality, it’s a creator of reality. When we use our consciousness deliberately, we determine what our brains create.

Award-winning researcher Dawson Church has conducted many clinical trials. His specialties are cortisol, genes, and stress. Recently, he set out to discover how the brain interfaces between matter and mind. The result is a groundbreaking new book called: “Mind To Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality”. The publisher’s first subtitle was: The Remarkable Science…But they changed it to: The Astonishing Science… because the research in this book will make your jaw drop. It expands our understanding of what the brain is, and can do, far beyond what conventional science tells us.

Dawson shows that your brain has “everyday superpowers” that are literally creating the world you see around you. As you learn to use them deliberately, you can radically upgrade both your body and the environment around you.


Muscle testing

We suggest experimenting with muscle testing. The responses may be subtle, so it does take practice to learn how your body is talking to you. (See week one for instructions on how to do muscle testing.)


Time tested as a most important spiritual practice we suggest sitting to quiet your mind fifteen to twenty minutes each day.

Pivoting Assistance

Since what we hold in our minds is reflected in our body, becoming aware of thoughts that cause unpleasant feelings – the sign that the voice in your head is not vibrationally in sync with the vibration of your Source – then shifting our thoughts is needed. To help shift your thoughts, particularly if you have a physical issue, Dr. Hawkins suggests repeating the phrase – “I no longer believe in that. I am an infinite being, and I am not subject to that. I am only subject to what I hold in mind.”