September Daily Vibes | Appreciation Power Day 1

Day 1 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I appreciate that opportunity is everywhere and all around me.

This is the gift – to have the wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy.  ~  Abraham Maslow

The thank-you when you let somebody merge in front of you. – Awesome  ~  Neil Pasricha

Appreciation Power

To appreciate is to feel happy, to be the love you are, to align with your essences, to manifest the life you desire. That is quite the list of benefits for doing one thing. But the claims are realistic and will survive the test of experience.


Appreciation is the same vibration – high, fast, light and clear – as is love and your essences. Appreciation is being love and happiness. Those emotions of love and happiness indicate that our VIBES are in sync – the vibrations of the VOICE in our heads, our INNER BEING (the silent witness within) our EMOTIONS and our SOUL or Source Energy resonate with each other.


Because it is an attraction-based universe where like vibrations attract like vibrations, this alignment of your VIBES means you will allow the attraction of what you desire.

So, if you . . .

Become a person who appreciates, you will thrive. ~ Abraham

Expansion Happens

As a spiritual Being having a human experience, a consciousness with a localized focus, we have a physical focus that has a magnified view of life’s happenings. We are in the nitty-gritty observing and experiencing the details of the contrasting diversity of possibilities, the choices available.

Every thought of that VOICE in our heads emanates into the universe, expanding all that is. Our Source Energy attracts the higher, lighter, faster, clearer end of each thought wave. It incorporates the vibrations and then attracts similar vibrations.

Clear Alignment

So just by the nature of what happens as an energy being in a vibrational, attraction-based universe we automatically do a good job of expanding all-that-is. Our Source Energy does its job of creating a Virtual Vibrational Reality of all we desire. Our workout is to get our VIBES aligned if you want to reap the rewards of what our Source Energy has amassed.

Enter appreciation as a powerful tool because of its alignment capabilities. Each week of this challenge we will suggest tools to magnify in thought, word, and deed what you do appreciate. But this is a challenge. So, we will also give tools to find appreciation in what you do not like, approve of, or want.

Appreciating the Blessing of Choices

When you can find what to appreciate about not only the good, but also the bad and the ugly, you are developing mastery as a deliberate creator of your life experiences.

All of life is a buffet of choices. So, you don’t want hot sauce for your apple pie. Appreciate the clarity that choice has given and the expansion the thought caused and enjoy the delicious pie.

Appreciating the Blessings of Choices is the ABC of being happy, being the love you are, and creating the life of your dreams.

Each day we will include quotes from the Awesome books by Neil Pasricha to give you ideas about appreciating lots of delightful everyday happenings.

Take the Appreciation Pledge . . .

Appreciation Pledge:

I intend to:

  • Appreciate rather than complain.
  • Praise rather than criticize.
  • Talk about the solution rather than restate the problem.


Meditation: a suggestion for this week’s fifteen minutes of meditation is to use the mantra, I am love, since appreciation and love are similar vibrations.
The Voice: To help keep the attention of your inner Voice on appreciating do the A-to-Z Appreciation Process.

On a walk, standing in line, driving the car, in a quiet moment or before falling asleep, go through the alphabet and think of words from A to Z about things that you appreciate.

Appreciate the Blessing of Choices: If the thoughts of your Voice are about a problem, appreciate the problem for the clarity it brought about what you do want. If confused, you want clarity; in conflict, you want resolution; in disempowerment, you want empowerment.