May Daily Vibes | In Sync with YOU Day 7

Day 7 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I get in sync with my Inner Being and receive inspiration for inspired action.

What is the definition of procrastination? It means: I can feel within my Energy sensor that this action is not in perfect alignment at this time.  ~  Abraham

Joyously, drunkenly, divinely aware.  ~  Henry Miller

In Sync with You

As spiritual beings we can project a facet of our energy into a physical form. The largeness of who we are, our spiritual consciousness, remains present while we are human. Thus, we have two perspectives, physical and nonphysical, a small “you” and a larger “YOU”. Our emotions let us know if we have the vibrations of our physical perspective IN SYNC (resonating) with our nonphysical Source Energy. To live our best life the intention is to be In SYNC With YOU.

In Sync with An Up-Lifting Stream

An up-lifting stream of consciousness builds momentum. Your Virtual Reality energy has attracted the vibrations of what you asked for with thought after thought and attracted more of the same creating a tremendous amount of momentum. Activating a thought and then not resisting it creates momentum. An activated thought might be, “I want to be happy in my life.”

Opposing Thoughts

If you just set forth a thought and never did anything to contradict it, by the natural consequence of Law of Attraction momentum would take place. But when you contradict that thought by saying I want to live a happy life, but I am not sure how. Or I want to live a happy life. I know others who do but I never have been one of them then you resist the possible momentum.

Abraham suggests that you imagine you are a train on a flat track, and you put an engine on the track and off it goes. If you don’t put an engine going the other way on the track in opposition, the engine of what you want will gather speed – momentum. The benefit of an up-lifting stream is lack of resistance. Your Inner Being, which has literally no resistance, speaks on your behalf all the time. It is constantly sending you an up-lifting stream of consciousness about your worth. The question is, “Why aren’t you hearing it?” The answer is that you have other contradictory thoughts that you continue to think. You keep putting an engine going in the opposite direction of what you want on the track. If you keep thinking something is lost, you can’t find it.

Believing Makes It So

Isn’t it apparent to as you watch what is going on in the world today, the power & momentum of belief. If someone has a belief different than you hold, don’t they look incredibly unreasonable? That is because they don’t seem to even want to hear the reasonable dialog that you might be offering to them. It is easy for you to see it when you are talking about another person, but not so much if it is you who are contradicting your own desires with beliefs. You don’t see the contradiction because beliefs are powerful.

Beliefs appear valid because you get what you believe. If you believe something, which means it is a dominant thought within you, Law Of Attraction supports that belief not because there is this cosmic truth you have tapped into, but because you are holding a vibration. Then Law of Attraction will keep demonstrating, not the truth, but the vibration that you are presenting. Something might be true in reality, but it is because someone held it as a vibration. You get what you are thinking about whether you want it or not.

Go General

Start a positive stream of consciousness in a neutral feeling place where it will not be contested. Make it so general that it is easy for your beliefs to go along with it, so that you are able to raise your energy level. Saying it yourself is most effective. If you are not hearing what your Inner Being is broadcasting, it means you have beliefs that are contradicting it.

A Suggestion

Abraham gives us an example of an up-lifting stream of consciousness about being a physical human.

  • I like being here in this physical body.
  • This physical body is serving me well.
  • I understand that I have come from a broader perspective and in doing so I have come with reason and purpose.
  • I like the idea of having come deliberately into this physical body.
  • I have heard and it makes sense to me that the larger part of me remains nonphysical and that nonphysical part of me is aware of me.
  • I have come for expansion, which is natural and for the fun of being physically focused.
  • I get it that I am a leading edge creator and that this time space reality is about that.
  • I appreciate the contrasting diversity that helps me to choose, to specifically choose.
  • I like that as I choose I am backed up by nonphysical forces.
  • I like the notion that I create my own reality and I can do, be, or have anything that I choose.
  • I can feel that I am not here alone. I am not talking about the other physical people who are around me.
  • I can feel the focus of nonphysical energy flowing through me.
  • At times I feel it so profoundly that I feel the enthusiasm they feel for my life.
  • It is not just my life, but our life.
  • I feel I am a representative of Source Energy standing right here in this time and space.
  • I like being that representative of Source Energy.
  • I like selecting from the things around me and getting to choose specifically about in this time and space.
  • I understand more every day that this is at the base of the evolution of all species.
  • I can feel that this is what puts the eternalness in eternity.
  • I can feel that me here, sifting and sorting from my surroundings and coming to my conclusion of what I like.
  • I can feel the power and purpose of sifting and sorting from my surroundings and coming to my conclusion of what I like. I revel in that knowing that I am here to live exactly that.
  • That makes every piece of contrast that I live a wonderful thing because from that awareness of the variety I get to choose specifically what is important for me.
  • The choice whether I am speaking it out loud or it is an unconscious feeling somewhere in my body, I am launching rockets of desire.
  • I can feel that Source Energy is following those rockets of desire.
  • The reason that I know that Source Energy is following those rockets is because I have a guidance system within me that lets me know when I am going along with it and when I am not.
  • I have come to know over time that whether I go along with the expansion of my own being moment by moment or not, my Inner Being takes every bit of expansion and stands as the symbol, as the vibrational basis of all that I have become.
  • It is exhilarating for me to know that my Inner Being beams a constant signal towards me that I can tap into at any time.
  • I feel the enthusiasm of that when I do tap into it.
  • I feel when I am tuned in, tapped in and turned on to the energy that creates worlds flowing through me.
  • I feel invincible at those times of alignment.
  • I feel worthiness beyond the ability to speak in words.
  • I know I am the creator of my own reality
  • I am so appreciative of everything that exists in this time and space that give me clarity of what I want.
  • I am happy living out my days in this physical body.
  • I feel such exhilaration that anything I observe that I might like can be delivered to me in full fashion because if this time, space reality has given me the inspiration for the desire, it has the ability to give it to me.
  • I have the ability to then translate it into its fullest physical form.
  • I love the idea of turning thoughts to things.
  • I get it that that is who I am, that is what I was born to do.
  • I revel in knowing that along with all the other people on the planet I can turn thoughts to things.
  • There are so many thoughts of ideas that I have within me that I am joyously turning into things.
  • There is nothing in all of the universe that I enjoy more than the sweet spot where I am tuned in, turned on, where I am in perfect alignment to the Source within me and flowing my attention toward those things.
  • Nothing is more exhilarating to me than to have my valves wide open and the energy that creates worlds flowing through me.
  • I really like demonstrating the results of that alignment.
  • I don’t mind demonstrating the results of not being in alignment because understanding the laws of the universe as I do, I am in complete control of everything that I am living.
  • I am happy about that.


Each day read the above samples of an up-lifting stream of consciousness or write your own and read it.