June Daily Vibes | Practicing the Presences Day 22

Day 22 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

Divine wisdom works through me.

Be still and know you are free and safe.  ~  Ernest Holmes

To live a life of peace, joy and abundance takes a consistent spiritual practice.  ~  Eugene Holden, RSCP

Broadcasting and Receiving

As vibrating energy beings in an electromagnetic universe, besides interpreting our world vibrationally through our five senses, we are constantly broadcasting and receiving vibrations.

Because the field we are in and we ourselves are attraction based – the law of attraction rules – the vibrational signal we are broadcasting attracts the same vibration.  What we emanate is what we experience. If you want to experience love, happiness, serenity, clarity, excitement, any pleasant feeling emotion that is the frequency, velocity, intensity and clarity you desire, you need to vibrate and broadcast that vibration.  You need to tune into the desired vibration.

High Vibes of Source

Source Energy/God/the field/all-that-is vibrates high fast, light and clear, the vibrations we interpret as love, joy, serenity, and clarity – the pleasant feeling emotions.  Every thought that has ever been thought still exists so that within the field there are streams of lower, slower, heavier, clogged vibrations. The broadcasting of your thoughts tunes you into which vibes you will receive.  If it feels good, you are tuned into your Source, infinite intelligence, the creative power of the universe and all the gathered vibrational reality of what you have desired over time.  You have broadcasted the desired ingredients and your Source has attracted them and holds the wonderful mixture of possibilities you have requested ready for you to tap into and bring into physical manifestation.

Giving and Receiving

You are always attracting and receiving.  The question is do you want to receive from your high vibe Source Energy or from a stream of lower vibration?  When you are clearly aligned with your Source, when the vibrations of your thoughts are in sync with your Inner Being and Source, you feel pleasant emotions and receive inspirational ideas and experiences you desire.  In fact, you are constantly receiving thought vibrations rather than your physical perspective coming up with the thoughts on its own.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practicing the presences of spirit opens you to receiving the flow of inspiration from Source.  As Abraham teaches, universal forces are focused right at you. You can open to receive Divine positive attention. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whoever you are doing it with, you can be in conscious awareness that the Divine too is there with you – appreciating you, supporting you, assisting you, acknowledging you, inspiring you, guiding you, having fun with you, aware of you, loving you, showing you, uplifting you.

You can call forth any nonphysical beings and the Inner Being of now physical beings to help you at any time.  In the 2015 Sidney, Australian Abraham workshop, a mechanic sat in the hot seat and asked how to feel he was a good mechanic.  Abraham told him that there were two ace mechanics always there to guide him and work through him.  His job was to get into clear alignment to receive their guidance clearly.  In the Asheville workshop the baseball pitching coach who had listened to the Sidney workshop asked who was there to guide him. Though he pestered, Abraham would not give up who it was.  They encouraged him to ask directly himself using the process we outline below.  Of course, you can call in whomever physical or nonphysical you want at any time.


Calling Forth Guidance
When you go to bed at night set the intention that when you awaken you want to know who your guides are.
When you do wake up stay quietly in the flow of aligned energy open to receive the answer.

Since the vibrations of the asking or question are different from the answers or solutions another suggestion is to devote a journal to the asking of whatever you want to know.  Then meditate or just let the journey be and enjoy and appreciate the answer that comes often at unexpected times.