June Daily Vibes | Practicing the Presences Day 15

Day 15 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I can access the power of the universe.

The reason for desires, goals…for finding those decisions or points of focus, is because they are the life-giving things of the Universe. Without objects of attention, or objects of desire, Life Force does not come through any of us.  ~  Abraham

You must know that the Power you are using is definite, scientific, dynamic, and spiritual; absolute complete and that It will work.  Let no fear come into your thought.  ~  Ernest Holmes

Practicing The Presences – Stillness in Anyway

We have said that a meditation practice, taking time to quiet your mind and focus attention on the presence of Spirit, that Inner Being place of stillness within, is the time tested, ancient practice you can use to experience Divine Presence.  However, this life’s journey as a spiritual being is the intentional practicing of Source’s presence not just in our lives, but as our lives – at the center and outer circle of our being, and not just in meditation, but in every moment of every day.

The practice is to remember there is as much of Infinite Presence within us and around us when we are pulling weeds, washing the dishes, walking the dog, stuck in gridlock traffic, closing a business deal, feeding the baby or providing hospice care as there is in the silence of meditation or the most sacred high and holy temple, ashram, mosque or church on the planet.

Silence and stillness are part of a meditation practice.  While silence opens you to experiencing the absence of noise, stillness is a state of mind you bring into your daily life. Silence and stillness work in together.  They take us deeper into the true self. However, when we leave that sacred time, although we may have to leave some portion of our silence behind, we do not have to leave our stillness behind.  We can take stillness along into our daily lives because it is a state of mind and, therefore, not subject to outer conditions unless we allow it to be so.
By mindfully taking stillness with us into our daily activities, we are also bringing with us a “portable portal” to inner silence.  With a conscious embodiment of stillness, we can be riding a roller coaster and still have access to silence despite the external noise all around us.

“Be still and know that I am God”        

This verse from Psalm 46 gives us our way to recognize a divine connection.  It makes perfect sense, for how can we hear or sense Source when noise and chatter of every kind inundate us.  Taking stillness with us into our everyday life requires support along the way. A mindfulness practice is a must.  Mindful breathing is a practice that will help present yourself in the moment by slowing down your mind and aligning you with that state of stillness that already exists at your center.  The challenge is to “do” with a clearly aligned “being”.


In those moments when you may be feeling trapped on the treadmill of “do, do, do,” literally stop what you are doing and take five long, purposeful, slow, deep breaths (and repeat the process for several minutes).

  • On the first in-breath silently affirm:  Be still and know God is and therefore I am.
  • On the second in-breath silently affirm:  Be still and know God.
  • On the third in-breath silently affirm:  Be still and know.
  • On the fourth in-breath affirm: Be still
  • On the fifth in-breath affirm: Be…Be…Be

Just like peeling an onion, remember that with each following breath comes a deeper calm, and with calm comes stillness, and with stillness comes inner silence and the opportunity to fully merge with the sacred presence of the One.  Something very subtle happens when you breathe mindfully; stillness comes up from within and fills in the cracks and crevices between your breaths, and you find yourself experiencing your oneness with Life and, along with it, the peace that surpasses all understanding.  Just imagine you are only five mindful breaths away from becoming a contemporary mystic.