June Daily Vibes | Power of Influence Day 13

Day 13 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

My positive attention aligns me to the power that creates worlds.

Everything in life is what you make it. Nothing is beyond the Great Spirit’s ability to use for up-liftment.  ~  Alan Cohen

Your positive attention is much more influential than your negative attention, because when you align with your Source inside your Vortex you access the power that create worlds.   ~  Abraham

The World’s Largest Thought Laboratory

Lynne McTaggart’s curiosity more than a decade ago created thousands of different thought and intention experiments. This journey began in 2005 when McTaggart asked some basic questions about the power of thought: Can we use intention to heal the world? And what happens when lots of people are thinking the same thought at the same time? Does it magnify the effect?

To objectively find answers, McTaggart, editorial director for the long-running health journal What Doctors Don’t Tell You, enlisted her readers in an ongoing scientific experiment beginning in 2007.

Working with a large and respected consortium of scientists highly experienced in consciousness research, she developed the world’s largest global laboratory to test the power of mass intention to heal some of the world’s major issues.

She estimates that several hundred thousand of the journal’s international readers have participated, with intention-senders from nearly 100 countries joining individual experiments through her website and online presence.

In the 29 experiments she’s conducted to date, 25 have evidenced measurable mostly significant change. All three of her coordinated global Peace Intention Experiments had positive outcomes in lowering violence in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Washington D.C.

Going Smaller

In 2015, the experiment evolved. McTaggart aimed to observe whether smaller groups could affect meaningful, scientifically observable outcome by sharing a prayerful intention.
She assembled groups of eight (an arbitrary number that came to her mind) for a yearlong master intention class.

Approximately 250 participants were set up for success with seven weeks of instruction and group work, followed by weekly meetings and monthly monitoring for outcomes. Then it was time to gather the facts.

Of the people who stayed in their groups and met weekly, virtually 100 percent reported amazing transformations in their lives. And their thoughts seemed to be influencing the situations they were praying over, too.

No matter who comprised a group, the results continued to be identifiable and “mind-blowing.”

“It was obvious to me that there is a mirror effect that happens,” McTaggart says. “It was a human study, and we were totally making it up as we went along, we saw the senders getting as much as the receivers. It is the power of the same prayer being prayed at the same time.”

In music, the term homothumadon means “with one mind, one accord, one passion.” These groups of eight have proven to be maestros of meditative thought, unleashing healing energy and intention into their own lives inadvertently.

Through all her experiments with how our thoughts impact our realities, eight seems to be a productive number for a group.

(Adapted from the review of Lynne Mctaggart’s book, “The Power of Eight” in the April issue of the Guide for Spiritual Living magazine.)


Suggestions for an intention session from Lynne McTaggart

Power Up
Powering up involves developing the ability to attend with peak intensity, moment by moment. One of the surest ways to develop this is to cultivate a meditation practice. Abraham always recommends fifteen minutes a day. Also practice mindfulness – maintaining your concentration in the present and focusing on your five senses while involved in everyday activities.

Peak Focus
For an intention session, sit in a comfortable position in a chair. Breath slowly and rhythmically in through the nose and out through the mouth (slowly blow all the air out), so that your in-breathe is slightly shorter than the out-breathe. Breathe through your diaphragm.

Repeat this every fifteen seconds, but ensure that you are not overexerting or straining. Carry on for three minutes and then keep observing it. Work up to five or ten minutes. Begin to focus your attention just on the breath, and then slowly take an inventory of your five senses. What does the present moment look like? Sound like? Taste like? Feel like? Practice this repeatedly.

Make a Connection
Touch, or focus, on your heart and/or compassionate feelings for the other. This is a powerful means of causing “hyperbrain” between two people.

Be Compassionate
Use the following methods to encourage a sense of universal compassion.

• Focus your attention to your heart as though you are sending light to it. Observe the light spreading from your heart to the rest of your body. Send a loving thought to yourself, such as “May I be well and free from suffering.”
• On the out-breathe; imagine a white light radiating outward from your heart. As you do, think: “ I appreciate the kindness and love of all living creatures. May all others be well.” As Buddhists recommend, first think of all those you love, then your good friends. Move on to acquaintances and finally to those people you actively dislike. For each stage, think: “may they be well and free from suffering.”

State Your Intention
The rule of thumb is to be as specific as you can and stay in clear alignment. If it is an intention for you, it is possible that you will need to make more general statements in order to stay in clear alignment. Usually it will be easier to be more specific when it is an intention for another since you are not as connected to the desire. State your entire intention, and include the desired change, to whom, when, and where.

• If you are trying to heal the fourth finger of your left hand, specify that finger.
• If you need more people to sign up for a program, specify how many.
• If something isn’t working for you in your work life, work out what it is. The people? The marketing of something? Your role?
• If you want a particular job, write down a full and detailed job spec.
• If your income isn’t steady, ask for a very specific job or situation that is likely to offer you a steady flow of money.
• If you want to meet a special other, describe him or her in detail. Draw a mental and physical picture.

Mentally Rehearse – Visualize, in vivid detail, your intention as established fact.
The best way to send an intention is to visualize the outcome you desire for yourself or others with all your five senses. You can create mental pictures for anything: a new house, a new job, a new relationship, a healthier body, or a healthier mind. Imagine yourself the target of your intention, engaging in whatever new aspect of life you wish to create.

Visualizations don’t have to be strictly visual. Some of us are kinesthetic, and have an acute sense of feel; others are auditory, and think in sounds. Your mental rehearsal will depend on which senses are most developed in your brain.

Time It Right
Studies at the University of Arizona showed that healing did not take place if the practitioner sending the intention was out of sorts – experiencing unpleasant emotions. That we know indicated that the thoughts of the Voice in the person’s head were not in sync with Source Energy. Being in clear alignment is key.

Move aside – Surrender to the power of the universe and let go of the outcome.
After framing the intention, state it clearly and then let it go. In the Centers for Spiritual Living the affirmative prayer process ends with the statement, “And so it is.” You state what is wanted.