July Vibes | Intentional Living Day 26

Day 26 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

Since I make up my interpretations, I make up new ones.

Every interpretation we make in every moment has an effect on what we attract.  ~ Abraham

We can change our interpretations because we made them up in the first place.  We have the power to make choices.    ~ Deepak Chopra

Daily Intention Invitation

Every morning for the rest of this month,

begin your day by saying:

I intend to see,

I expect to see,

Wherever I am, whatever I am doing,

Who ever I am doing it with,

I intend to see that which I want to see.

Science and the Wave

Quantum Physics explains that everything is energy – waves of possibility – until it is observed. Once observed, the waves collapse into particles and form is created. When we pay attention to anything, positive or negative, we are observing it and causing it to collapse into form. The result shows up in the circumstances of our lives. For instance, if you are carrying a grudge against someone, you are collapsing into form reasons to feel bitter. They can show up as an unexpected bill, stubbing your toe or a flat tire.

Awareness is a really good thing. If you focus is on what’s right in the world, you are collapsing into form more goodness. If you fret about everything that’s wrong, you are collapsing into form more negativity. Your mind is a creative machine. As your attitude changes, you are collapsing into form the life that is calling to you – the happiness you deserve.

A Guru’s Message

A cartoon of a spiritual pilgrim clawing his way to the top of a Himalayan mountain finds a bearded guru sitting with his eyes closed in deep meditation. At the guru’s feet the aspirant reads a simple sign: THE HOKEY POKEY. The stunned seeker raises his eyebrows and asks, “That’s what it’s all about?”

Lightly Into the Light

Enlightened beings have one characteristic in common: a light heart. Remember angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

What could you lighten up about? How much better would your life be if you played more?

Laughter is a sure sign of clear alignment with your Source Energy.

Choose Your Focus

You have many alternative futures, but you also have many alternative pasts. You chose to focus on only a small number of selected events as your “past” out of the billions of experiences in your life. If feeling good, being in clear alignment, is your intention, focus on empowering and self-honoring events and your future will replicate them.

Even if you have had painful experiences, you can reframe them as stepping-stones to where you now stand.


Continue each morning say the Intention Invitation. You might ask yourself, “What am I paying attention to? Do the TV shows I watch uplift me? Are the people I hang out with mostly positive or do we gossip and complain? How do I respond to someone who doesn’t agree with me?” We suggest these as topics for a journal entry.

Intention Circle

If you set up your own Intention Circle, we would love to hear how it went. How was the group set up – numbers, how often you did an intention, folks experience doing the intention, results? Send to info@attractionbasedconsciosness.com.