January Daily Vibes | Happiness Path to Empowerment Day 7

Day 7 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I was born to feel joyous happiness.

Feeling good is your most natural core belief.  ~ Abraham

The greatest joy of all is the realization that the potential for happiness is available to us now and always.  ~  Robert Holden, Ph.D.

The Happiness Path to Empowerment

Week One: Happiness Equals Empowerment
Week Two: Savoring Moments of Happiness
Week Three: Nurturing Happiness with Appreciation
Week Four: Choosing Unconditional Happiness

This month we put the emphasis on the feeling of happiness as an indication of empowerment.

Week One – Happiness Equals Empowerment

Why Happiness?
Perhaps you do not equate the feeling of happiness with empowerment, but being happy is a sign that you are in your power. Being happy indicates that the thoughts of the Voice in your head are in clear alignment with the vibrations of your Inner Being and Source Energy. Your power is vectorized. You are emanating high, fast, light and clear vibrations and attracting the same. So you are attracting experiences that you want, that feel good.

Feel Good
The reason you want anything is to feel good. So the idea is to go for being happy no matter the circumstances and all else will follow. Actually the happiness path to empowerment is more of a Feel any Good Feeling path since clear alignment comes if you feel any of the range of “feel good emotions” that indicate clear alignment between your physical and nonphysical perspectives. Any of the following emotions indicate clear alignment: optimism, confidence, trust, belief, eagerness, enthusiasm, serenity, passion, bliss, knowing, freedom, appreciation and ecstasy.

We will interchange the labels happiness and joy to indicate a high, fast, and light vibration that feels good.

Happiness Now
Robert Holden, Ph.D., the director of the Happiness Project and Success Intelligence, teaches “The Happiness Formula” to millions of television viewers and through his books, Happiness NOW! and Success Intelligence. He encourages us to use the power of happiness to bless your life, let your relationships flourish, and help you be a truly loving presence in the world. Happiness he says increases your natural capacity for prosperity and success, so teach yourself how to enjoy more happiness. He likens happiness to a spiritual path because the more you learn about true happiness, the more you discover the truth of who you are, what is sacred, and what your life is really for. The challenge is to be happy and release the power of happiness in you.

Week One Process
We suggest the “Follow your Joy” meditation that Dr. Holden uses in the Happiness Course.

1. This meditation is an attunement, not an invocation. You are not inviting joy to arrive from someplace else or from some other heaven that is far away from here, but tuning in to ever-present joy, tuning in to your unconditional self, and running in to the spiritual DNA of your being. It’s like finding an “inner smile” in your heart. It is sensing the tingle of aliveness in every cell your body. It is enjoying the spaces in your mind that are empty of doubt.

2. Appreciate the essential qualities of joy. Perhaps listen to music you love and let yourself have a direct experience of the full force and power of what joy really is. With each inhalation, you breathe in the aliveness, the sparkle, the creativity, and the sense of possibility that exists in joy. The goal is to enjoy the innate intelligence of joy, and also its peacefulness, and its wholeness.

3. Acknowledge when, where, and with whom you allow your joy to express itself. Is it at work? Is it at home? Is it with the kids? Is it when you go jogging? Is it when you meditate? Welcome joy even more into every part of your life and to let joy inspire and guide you, direct and navigate you. We invite you to commit to joy, to follow your joy, and to bring joy with you into your day, your work, and your life.

Let joy lead the way.