January Daily Vibes | Happiness Path to Empowerment Day 15

Day 15 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

My purpose in life is happiness.

When joy is really important to you, you will not allow yourself to focus upon things that do not feel good, and the result of thinking  thoughts that feel good will then cause you to create a wonderful life filled with all the things you desire.  ~  Abraham

Bringing those feelings of joy very deeply into the totality of your life is what is going to trigger that brain back into complete openness.     ~  Sheradon Bryce in Joy Riding the Universe

Week Three: Nurturing Happiness with Appreciation

Like Vibes

Appreciation is the same vibration as love and happiness. So, to appreciate is to practice happiness.  Following your happiness has a deeply spiritual meaning for many people who interpret the function of happiness as helping you to focus on the essential truth of your life.  Happiness is what helps you to discern truth from illusion, busyness from purpose, and love from fear.  Happiness helps you to keep that which is most important to you in the forefront  of your awareness and in the forefront of your life.

The Shortcut

There is an intimate relationship between appreciation and happiness.  This beautiful intimacy is best summed up by happiness coach Barry Neil Kaufman, author of Happiness Is a Choice and co-founder of The Option Institute.  Barry says that appreciation is the shortest shortcut to happiness.  Heartfelt appreciation really is the fastest way to experience happiness now.  It is impossible to be truly appreciative and neurotic; it is also impossible to be truly appreciative and not happy.


Robert Holden writes  of different types of appreciation. Appreciation can be  a conscious reaction to things, people, situations, and outcomes that you declare good and positive. This kind of appreciation is personal and interpretative.  Appreciation can also be a philosophy based on the premise that we live in a purposeful universe in which everything that happens or doesn’t happen based on the Law of Attraction. Everything that occurs is a reflection of the vibration you are emanating. And thus, can be appreciated for it’s clarifying information.  A third type of appreciation comes from a holy revelation that you are what you seek.  This appreciation is based on a knowing of your true identity.  Happiness does not leave its source.  What comes and goes is your awareness of what is truly valuable already belonging to you.  Your true nature has the capacity to love unconditionally, to be unreasonably happy, and to be truly wise.  You can enjoy these things now, because of who you are.

Week Three Processes:

This week the processes use appreciation to nurture what feels good to think about.

  • Meditate:  As always we suggest meditating for at least fifteen minutes each day.  Calming the mind certainly nurtures the high vibrations of happiness and a sense of peace.  You might try allowing your breath to bring your attention into the heart center, the place where the inhalation comes to rest.  Let yourself enter the space inside your heart center.  Let the inner space of the heart expand with your breathing, softening and widening.
  • Appreciate in word:  in conversations try talking about what you are or have appreciated rather than complaining about a person or situation.  Rather than criticize come up with what you can praise.  Don’t keep repeating a problem; speak about solutions.
  • Journal;  Write about at least three of your favorite things, what you liked best, what you appreciated about the day.  Of course, you could get on a roll and fill a page or two with appreciations.