December Vibes | Celebrating the Light Day 24

ABC.Dec24Day 24 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I embrace my role in expanding all-that-is.

Expanding awareness is sweeping the globe with astounding momentum, stimulating humanity on a cellular level to wake up and discover its power.  ~  the Pleiadians

You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.  ~  the Pleiadians

The Shift

Many books I came across from the seventies to nineties (some were channeled words of galactic beings and some a human perspective) told of an internal shift. We as humans would realize that we are not separate. We would shift from a separate fear-based belief, always assessing who or what is for us or against us, having to discredit or get rid of what is determined is against us. We would know the love and internal light that we are, that we are one; that we are all in this together.

Our True Nature

In the 1982 book, “The Starseed Transmissions An Extraterrestrial Report” by the being Raphael by Ken Carey, Raphael states that there is the flimsiest of screens between our present condition and our true nature. It is his mission to assist us in bridging this gap, to awaken us from sleep, to bring us to the fulfillment of our destiny.

“When you have learned to allow the silencing of your thoughts and have begun to focus attention on inner vibrational frequencies, you will become aware of a far more comprehensive picture of all I am telling you. Until such time as the life-giving information that comes to you from the source of your being is more readily accessible, I will work within the limitations of your linguistic structure and translate as accurately as I am able.”

The awakening is to our oneness – that we are all in this together. We are not separate and thus fear based always assessing who or what is for us or against us. “There is only one of us here in consciousness. It is you bubbling up in a billion different guises, surfacing to reawaken your unified awareness with a coating of humanity.”

A Commission

In his 1989 book, “The Planetary Commission” John Randolph Price describes what is needed to make this more of a planet of Love and Light with more of us awake to the fullness of who we are.

“The fever pitch in the evolutionary process is not something that is building for the future. Whether we realize it or not, the new Millennium is already upon us. It is not something to come, but it already is! We have been waiting for the New Age of Light and Love – and it’s here, all around us, right now! It took place with the splitting of the atom!” ~John Randolph Price in “The Planetary Commission”

The mission of the Planetary Commission wrote Price was to create a civilization on the path of Love and Light and Peace. All you have to do to be part of the commission is to make a definite and dedicated commitment in writing to renew your mind, and with love in your heart, to choose to be a part of the healing, harmonizing influence for the planet. We know the power of one individual consciousness. We know that each one of us can affect matter.

Certainly our news media does not verify this shift. But, if you get the Optimist Daily you read about all the positive, innovative life supporting things happening all over the planet. Then you do realize love and light are occurring. Those of us who know we are spiritual beings in human form and do seek clear alignment between our physical perspective and our Source Energy are certainly part of the Commission now.

Donald Keys in his 1982 book, “Earth At Omega, Passage to Planetization”, sights the quote from Rev. Theodore M Hesburgh the president of Norte Dame. “The greatest fallout of the space program was not the close-up view of the moon, but a look at spaceship earth for afar. For the first time in the history of humanity we were able to see our planet for what it really is.” We could see this is one earth with no borders.

Keys further quotes U-Thant, a Former Secretary-General of the United Nations. “I believe the mark of the truly educated and imaginative person facing the twenty-first century is that he feels himself to be a Planetary Citizen. Since we in the United States identify with the whole country, states do not maintain an army. They do not go to war with each other because we identify as being part of a whole. Imagine if we did identify as being earthlings, all a part of the whole and would naturally find non-violent ways to resolve conflict.

This Little Light of Mind, I’m Going To Let It Shine

In 1990 the transcripts from Barbara Marciniak’s channeling sessions of the Pleiadians, a collective of energy from the Pleiades, were published in the book, “Bringers of the Dawn, Teachings from the Pleiadians. They encouraged us to go beyond fear to “Step forward as a member of the Family of Light; have the courage in all the days you walk this planet to live that light and to share that light with all you encounter.”

“Bringers of the Dawn” pointed out a creative and positive way to turn on our inner light and commitment to spiritual growth, which would lead to the reclaiming of our natural power in any situation. The need is for each individual to become sovereign and for the planet to unite. They taught that love is the basic building block, so when one has love, all possibilities exist. Bring back the concepts of light, which are information and love – which is creativity – is the plan. They suggested that it will take renegades as a Family of Light to unite the planet.

This Season of Light might be a good time to be the love you are and let your Light shine.


We suggest saying this World Healing Prayer from John Randolph Price at the beginning of your meditation time.

World Healing Prayer

I am one with the Light.

I am filled with the Light.

I am illumined by the Light.

I am the Light of the world.

With purpose of mind, I send forth the Light.

I let the radiance go before me to join the other Lights.

I know this is happening all over the world at this moment.

I see the merging Lights.

There is now one light. We are the Light of the world.

The one Light of Love, Peace and Understanding is moving.

It flows across the face of the Earth,

touching and illuminating every soul in the shadow of the illusion.

And where there was darkness there is now the Light of Reality.

And the Radiance grows, permeating, saturating every form of life.

There is only the vibration of one Perfect Life now.

All the kingdoms of the Earth respond,

and the Planet is alive with Light and Love.