December Vibes | Celebrating the Light Day 19

ABC.Dec19Day 19 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

How wonderful I am!

We are wanting to awaken, within you, your memory of how wonderful you are!  How good you are, and how worthy of whatever you are wanting you are.  ~  Abraham

The one “I am” at the heart of all creation, Thou art the light of life.  ~ Shvetashavaiara Upanishad

The Solstice

Solstice celebrates the light that is always there even though our planetary cycle makes it appear to be more or less present. We include a suggestion for a solstice celebration during this Season of Light.

Winter Solstice Celebration

In her book, Real Life Rituals, Minister Karyl Huntley, gives step-by-step suggestions for a solstice celebration. We include her words.

We are here to consider the mystery of transformation, of death and rebirth, of light emerging from the darkness, of the new emerging from the ashes of the old. We are here to honor this mystery in our world and in ourselves, for as it is in the great whole, so it is in the individual.

As we come to the end of the great darkness for this cycle of our world as it spins around the sun – our source of light – we leave anything we would like to release or let go of in the darkness.

Lighting candles symbolizes that which is now taking place, physically and spiritually, in hearts and minds the world over. We celebrate it here together. Witness the light from within the darkness. This light burns in you and through you. There is a place for you to shine your light this coming year. In this moment let that place come to you.

See how brightly the sacred light shines. The light has once again been born from the darkness. The old has left us, and the new is shining from within us. Just one candle flame could light a candle held by every person on this planet, may the light in this room go forth to bless the whole world.