August Daily Vibes | Coherence Day 5

Day 5 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I am not my thoughts; I am the silent witness within.

To acknowledge the quantum self, to acknowledge the place where you have choice, to acknowledge mind . . . when that shift of perspective takes place, we say that somebody has been enlightened.  ~  Amit Goswami, Ph.D.  (Physicist)

Coherence Equals Happy

Coherence (clear alignment, the vibes of your thoughts and your Inner Being are in resonance with each other) is the foundation of an enlightened, fulfilling, and happy life with the ability to create the manifestation of your desires. Wisdom traditions have taught this. Science validates it. It is the cornerstone of spiritual teacher Abraham’s message. In workshops around the world Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches coherence techniques to the participants, monitors the internal workings of their brains and records the resulting supernatural experiences of these ordinary people. He brings science and religion together.

This month we share what we have learned from Doctor Joe Dispenza in his workshop and books. Because he teaches from a scientific base the quotes this month are from scientists.

Science Validates What the Mystics Taught

Dispenza devotes his life to transformation through teaching students the principles of several scientific disciplines including quantum physics, neurobiology, epigenetics and psychoimmunology. He begins his workshops, books and interviews with the assertion, “Science is the new language of mystics.” His work gives students overwhelming scientific evidence that proves the principles of wisdom traditions.

Perhaps you first saw Dispenza in the 2001 movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” His “create your day” philosophy became a catch phrase, which coupled with his direct and clear delivery, made him one of the standouts in the movie. Since he has written multiple books including, “Evolve Your Brain,” “You Are the Placebo” and “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.”

He has also created a series of experiential workshops that help attendees overcome physical, mental and emotional challenges enabling them to create new realities for themselves. During many of these events, Dispenza and his team conducted quantitative research on how meditation and visualization affect brain chemistry.

The culmination of Dispenza’s copious research has just been released in his book “Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon.” In it he says, “We have now done research at 19 advanced workshops, and we have been able to study people having subjective experiences that we can measure objectively. There are profound physiological changes happening and we wanted everyone to understand that common people are doing the uncommon.”

Adapted from a review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, “Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon” in the March 2018 “Guide for Spiritual Living” magazine.


Preparing to Tune In

Dr. Joe leads many meditations in his workshops. Prior to beginning the meditations, he assigns the Preparing to Tune In process that we share here.

Think about a potential experience you want to have. Remember that just like the electron before it collapses into matter, the experience already exists as an energy or frequency in the quantum field. (What you want is already in our Virtual Reality or Vortex) This is the energy you are about to tune into. In Dr. Joe’s workshops some of the students have lowered their cholesterol levels just by tuning into a potential. They’ve made tumors disappear. They’ve also created great new jobs, all-expenses-paid vacations, new healthy relationships, more money, profoundly mystical experiences, and even winning lottery tickets.

Once you have the new experience you want to create, assign a capital letter to it and then write that letter down on a piece of paper. Think of the letter as a symbol that represents that specific possibility in your life. Actually, putting it on paper instead of only thinking about it is important because the act of writing it down solidifies that you want it. Then draw two squiggly circular lines around the letter to represent the electromagnetic field you need to generate around your body to match that potential in the quantum.

Now assign some meaning to that letter so you can get even clearer about your intention. Think of some specific refinements of what you want and list at least four of them. Dr. Joe requests that you do not consider including any mention of a time frame. If your intention is a great job, your list might look like this:

  • Making $5,000 a year more money than I’m making now
  • Managing my own team of awesome professionals
  • Traveling all over the world on a generous expense account
  • Having exceptional health benefits and great stock options
  • Making a difference in the world

Now on that same piece of paper, write down the emotions you will feel when that imagined potential happens. You might write:

  • Empowered
  • Unlimited
  • Appreciation
  • Free
  • In awe
  • In love with life
  • Joyful
  • Worthy

If you are unsure how you are going to feel because you have not experienced the happening yet, go with appreciation. The vibration of appreciation is the same as love. It is an indication of the clear alignment between your thoughts and the vibration of your essence. This is what allows physical forms to occur.

This is not an intellectual process – it is a visceral one. You have to really feel those emotions. You have to really be in clear alignment. You have to teach your body emotionally what the future is going to feel like before it happens – and you have to do that in the present moment.

You can purchase the Tuning Into New Potentials CD or MP3 download from and follow along as Dr. Joe guides you, or you can choose to do the meditation on your own. We describe the steps in next week’s blog.