April Daily Vibes | Appreciation Power Day 23

Day 23 Law of Attraction Centering Thought

I appreciate the delight of little things.

Every time we remember to say “thank you” we experience heaven on earth.  ~  Sarah Ban Breathnach

When someone finds your lost wallet and returns it.  Awesome!  ~  Neil Pasricha

Manifesting Momentum

The Law of Attraction and established neuropathways keep our thoughts, words, and deeds echoing the same vibration and creating the same life experiences. The momentum or power of attraction increases from a thought to the words we write and speak to our actions. Of course, catching a thought or word before they are repeated and gain momentum if they are of something you do not want, is beneficial and easier than after they are a pattern and influence our actions.

Appreciating the Blessing of Choices maintains momentum toward what is wanted and shifts the momentum of the energy from movement toward creating what you do not want to what you desire. Appreciating anything, anytime creates momentum toward what you desire.

Clear Alignment or Misalignment

Since as humans we are a projection of our Source Energy, we are always connected to Source Energy. (Our physical and nonphysical perspectives are in alignment) But depending on the focus of the Voice in our heads, we sure can resist or clog up the connection or misalign. The ideal is for the Voice to articulate the experiences of life to decipher and discern from the contrasting diversity of choices what is wanted and then focus on the clarity gained. Then your Voice, Inner Being, Emotions, and Soul will be in clear alignment allowing you to attract what you desire.

However . . . Because the Law of Attraction keeps binging similar thoughts and you develop neuro-pathway super highways, we keep thinking about the problem, clogging the connection and attracting what you do not want.

Appreciation to the Rescue

Because appreciation clearly aligns your Voice with your essences, it is a powerful and easy way to bring your Voice, Inner Being, Emotions, and Soul into vibrational sync. Developing the ability to Appreciate the Blessing of the Choices of the diversified contrast of life even when you do not like the choice is a life changer. Appreciating anything and everything that is easy to appreciate creates new neuro-pathways leaving the old static-filled, entrenched pathways to wither. Clear pathways on any topic mean clear alignment and the allowing of the attraction of all you desire.

When you focus upon what you want – when you tell the story of how you want your life to be –
you will come closer and closer to the vicinity of appreciation. ~ Abraham.


  • Continue with the Appreciation Pledge: Appreciate rather than complain, praise rather than criticize, talk about the solution rather than restate the problem.
  • Mediation: Obviously meditation is a momentum stopping tool. Use your fifteen minutes of meditation to bask in the appreciation of the awareness of your silent witness, your Inner Being. So if your mind wanders, which it will, appreciating your awareness of your wandering keeps the momentum going toward clear alignment.
  • Appreciating the NOW: Even if you got stuck doing the dishes, appreciate the task at hand. For example; It was a wonderful meal. I love that we had such fresh vegetable. I am glad we got to eat together as a family. I have the water at just the right temperature, hot enough to get the dishes clean but comfortable for me. I love this new serving tray I got on sale. It’s helpful that it is so dry here, there is no need to dry with a towel because everything will be dry by the time I am done the washing.
  • Appreciation Activity by Activity: We shift activities many times a day. As you are about to move into another phase of your day, take a moment to set forth what you would like to appreciate in the next activity.

Each day we will include quotes from the Awesome books by Neil Pasricha to give you ideas about appreciating lots of delightful everyday happenings.